Three crew members of the Expedition 57 are exploring a variety of phenomena which are impacted by the exposure to microgravity. The three members are living abroad the International Space Station and are having an experience of a lifetime. All of them shared their experience. Nick Hague, NASA astronaut who just survived a ballistic landing of Soyuz talked about his experience too.

Source- Nick Hague’s Twitter

Their experiments started Wednesday by relocating samples which were collected from biological experiments. The relocation was done by Flight Engineer Serena Aunon- Chancellor in Kibo lab’s module science freezer. Nick Hague then spent the day researching on how to grow those samples into protein crystals real time.

The interesting work was however done by their commander, Alexander Gerst. Mr. Gerst went on for the maintenance of the orbital lab’s toilet this morning. After that, the German astronaut worked on the Destiny lab module, followed by updating the warning procedures book.

Sergey Prokopyev, the cosmonaut revealed that he used to split his time between human and physics research. The Russian segment of the orbital lab explored the forces such as spacecraft docking. He then concluded his day by observing the interactions between Mission Control in Moscow and a space crew.

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Source- NASA Blogs