We all have been dealing with the lows these days. The pandemic has made our lives dull and boring but at least we have our four-legged pals to accompany us in all the tough times. They are staying right beside us when we are low. It’s almost as if they know what makes us upset.  Well, whatever it is, we thank God for making them and hope, that your lives re joyful because of them.

#1 The dogs deserve to bask in the culture as well.

#2 You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!

#3 I don’t think he is succeeding though.

#4 Okay I am feeling really jealous right about now.

#5 Cats getting a taste of their own medicine is really glorious sometimes.

#6 ‘The colors are Magnifique and don’t get me started on the perception of the painting!’

#7 The fur splatter indicates the person behind this heinous crime has left the scene.

#8 This is the best and only way to break the news.

#9 Can he even see from under those furry eyelids?

#10 Well, aren’t you lucky to sit beside this hunk?

#11 ‘I will protect you, little baby!’

#12 So he is tuck in a perpetual toothy smile then?

#13 That lovely stare is everything.

#14 ‘I will stand guard until you come out so nothing can get to you!’

#15 Is that a pup or a seal? Because I can’t tell.

#16 How can someone not high five him back?

#17 This is my dream as well. Maybe one day it’ll be fulfilled.

#18 Okay, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life.

#19 She just wants her butt warmed a bit more.

#20 Her first-ever bath? I would be the same in this situation.

#21 I don’t think she is. It’s probably a toy.

#22 The best to make sure that your dog stays close to you.

#23 What else was he supposed to do? Make a mess?

#24 And here I thought I had big feet.

#25 What’s the reason for them to jump for joy?

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