Detective Pikachu being illegally downloaded after movie release

    Detective Pikachu download full movie

    Detective Pikachu is making good progress and has become the best-rated video game based on a movie. It has now earned more than $50 million on its first weekend and currently number 2 at the worldwide box-office.

    One major competition to Detective Pikachu is the Marvel movie Avengers: Endgame, who is on top even in its third weekend. However, a bigger problem imposes as piracy to the film is present. It is even on the latest trend of Google search results.

    Detective Pikachu download – Search Analysis

    One of the most searched terms on Google this week is Detective Pikachu download. Many people all over the world are trying to download the movie however, there is no way one can get the full version of the movie online.

    When the first trailer for Detective Pikachu was launched during the end of 2018, there was a spike of people searching the movie. After it was released, searches have once again skyrocketed.

    In the United States, almost all the region has a sudden increase in search for the film. Mentioning Utah, Washington and California are the top 3 regions where it is most searched on Google. Unfortunately, these numbers are just inside the US in which the Pokemon movie download search is trending all over the world.

    Aside from Pikachu movie, other Pokemon films, video game, and other related terms and queries have also become the hot topic over Google.

    Detective Pikachu download files are Virus


    All files that have the full movie are clickbaits and have no authenticity. Some are just scams, others were viruses. Hackers have a tendency to hide viruses and malware inside video files. Whenever a new movie is released, such virus infected files are spread over the internet in the form of fake full movie video. This can infect your PC, spread into the system and corrupt your data. While some of the websites prompt the users to sign in with Facebook or Gmail as a ploy to steal user data and sometimes, even money from bank accounts.

    Legal Troubles

    Warner Brothers have taken strict action to stop piracy and can file a lawsuit against a person for downloading an illegal copy of Detective Pikachu movie. One might even go to jail or pay monetary fines for downloading and distributing this or any other films illegally. The government has established strict anti-piracy laws and can track IP addresses if required to catch anyone who participates in such trends.

    How to watch Detective Pikachu?

    Detective Pikachu has released just over the weekend and there is no way it will be available for download this early. Our advice to readers is to watch the film legally and in other proper options. The movie has been released worldwide and is running in theaters all over the world.

    If you are a Pokemon fan, you should go to the theaters and multiplexes and watch the movie on a bigger screen with the proper cinematic experience. Some may wait until the film release on Blu-ray and other digital platforms before the end of the year.

    Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Detective Pikachu updates and other news.

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