New Zealand’s village that was deserted for decades is out for sale now. The village was originally built for dam laborers’ accommodation in 1930s. However, after the dam’s operations were automated, the village was deserted by them in 1989.

The village is located in the South Island near the edge of the Waitaki dam. It is surrounded by mountains and has a picturesque view. The village has around eight homes that have three bedroom each, a lodge, a restaurant, nine garages, 14 hectares of land and water rights as well. The estimated cost of the village is around $2.8 million.

With urbanisation of New Zealand’s population, Waitai has struggled for staying afloat. Various other small communities are going through the same struggle. Kaitangata, situated in South Otago, has launched a campaign on the global level for boosting its population. The little town claims that it full of houses and jobs, but doesn’t have enough people.


The government has also earmarked around a $1 billion for contributing to the regional development fund that is designed for revitalizing regions and luring people from cities and bring them to rural areas that do not have sufficient population.

The government of New Zealand has placed a ban on foreign buyers in the previous week. Kelli Milmine, an estate agent, says that it is not easy to differentiate between domestic and international buyers as inquiries are usually made through New Zealand intermediaries.

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The ban was made with the intention of stopping foreign buyers from purchasing residential homes that potential New Zealanders could occupy. From now on, the companies and trusts which are not registered in New Zealand or have more than 25% investment by foreigners will also be treated as foreigners and they will not be able to purchase residential property. They can only do so through overseas investment office.

Source: The Guardian,