A $93 million contract for three years was signed by Clayton Kershaw with the Dodgers. There have been a lot of questions on Clayton’s career and he has been criticized to leave the game for good.

Kershaw believes that this contract will give him a chance to prove his critics wrong. He said, “There’s been a lot of people saying I’m in decline.” However, he said it clearly that he has lost the charisma he once had. But he still has got a lot of potential left in him.

Dodgers Way

He said that he has a strong belief that these three years will let him regain the potential he once had. He continued saying that these three years is a “chunk of time” and he feels really good if he is productive to the team in this time.

The 30-year-old ace left-hander is already obliged to a 7-year deal, worth of $215 million in 2013. Quitting this will mean that he will be $65 million in loss, which he was guaranteed in the next two seasons.

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