On Sunday, WBNS-TV’s chief meteorologist Chris Bradley announced that he will end the leukemia treatment and enter into hospice care.

Bradley, who is fifty three years old at present, has been fighting acute myeloid leukemia since last year. He shared on his Facebook page that there are no more options left for the treatment of the disease. He is suffering from an aggressive form of leukemia which is sneaky and relentless.

Everything has been done to fight back this form of leukemia including 5 chemo sessions, stem cell transplant which failed, various immunotherapy trials and clinical trials that also didn’t work out. Bradley has now decided to spend his time with his family at home. So he is currently with his husband Jason Bradley Krauss and their children Maria and Spencer. He said that he will transition to hospice care.

Bradley has undergone treatment for almost two years at the Arthur G James Cancer Hospital at Ohio State University. Bradley also wrote that his husband and kids have been a great support to him and have been there with him all this while. He added,

Truly, we have fought this disease together. Our love for each other is so strong and saying goodbye has been excruciating for all of us.

He has held the position of WBNS-TV’s chief meteorologist since 2006. He also thanked the community for their support and prayers. He said that he felt truly grateful for all the love and wishes that he and his family have received during the good and bad times. He felt honored to be a part of this community.

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Bradley has faith in god and he knows that god is taking control of whatever he is going through and has always looked over him. He shared the picture of his wedding day and captioned it as the happiest day of his life.

Source: Dispatch.com, Columbus Parent