Creating reel videos for Instagram is no easy task. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to come up with the concept, choose scenes, music, and captions, and edit it perfectly. But once all that hard work is done, it can be tough to get the views your video deserves. Enter our blog post: Buy Instagram Views in 2023: The Top 3 Trusted Websites (for Reels).

We’ll take a deep dive into various sites where you can buy views for reels and compare their pros and cons to help you decide which one fits your needs the best.



Famium is one of our favorite picks for a couple of reasons.  They have a wide range of packages and an affordable price point. Packages at Famium to Buy Instagram Views start at 500 and go all the way up to 50,000 views.

With each order, you get to choose multiple reel videos that you’d like the views on. Best part? The delivery comes in super fast, typically within a few minutes of placing the order.

Famium has been in the market for a while now and has been featured in several publications, including JPost, BeforeItsNews, and KhaleejTimes among many others.

Finally, Famium also has one of the most easy-to-use user interfaces making it a breeze to place an order.

Click here to Buy Instagram Views from Famium

PROS: One of the easiest-to-use interfaces, fastest delivery, quick support

CONS: No option to buy more than 50,000 views at a time

DELIVERY SPEED: Under 5 minutes

SUPPORT SPEED: Under 2 hours

Wolf Global

Wolf Global runs one of the largest Instagram engagement pods in the world and offers one of the lowest prices for Instagram video views. The packages start at 500 and go up to 50,000 views.

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The advantage of buying Instagram Views from Wolf Global is that they offer a variety of packages tailored to the needs of different Instagrammers. Not only do you have the option to Buy Instagram Views for a single post, but you can also go with Auto Views subscriptions, where you can subscribe to get views delivered automatically anytime you make a post on Instagram.

Wolf Global has been in the market since 2017 and has a great track record of delivering quality services on time.

Visit here to Buy Instagram Views from Wolf Global

PROS: A variety of options including auto views, fast delivery, and quick results

CONS: No option to select posts by entering a username. Instead, they require to input the URL of the reel

DELIVERY SPEED: Under 30 minutes

SUPPORT SPEED: Under 4 hours

Fresh Engagements

Fresh Engagements is another great option for buying Instagram Views.  With packages starting at 500 and going up to 1,000,000 views, Fresh engagements offer one of the most affordable rates in the market.

What’s more? They offer two different types of views – organic views and high-quality views. Organic views are sourced from real users that are actively engaged in Instagram while high-quality views are sourced from USA-based influencers, but they come at a slightly higher cost.

The delivery time is also very quick and you can expect to get your views within minutes of placing the order.

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The drawback? Fresh Engagements services are ‘private’. In order to access their services, you’d have to request them to open up an account for you.

Click here to buy Instagram Views from Fresh Engagements

PROS: The only site where you can buy up to a million views at once, the lowest rates

CONS: No option to make a purchase without registration

DELIVERY SPEED: Under 2 minutes

SUPPORT SPEED: Under 12 hours

Should You Buy Instagram Reel Views in 2023?

Buy Instagram Views
(Buy Instagram Views)

Reel videos are one of the hottest trends on Instagram these days. However, it can be hard to get your reel content noticed in the vast sea of reels that’s out there. From coming up with an interesting idea, creating a compelling video, and making sure it meets Instagram’s technical standards — there is a lot of work that goes into creating a reel video!

Sometimes, a small nudge with some extra views can go a long way in getting your reel content seen and shared. Even celebrities have been known to buy followers, likes, and views to gain popularity, so it’s totally understandable that you’d want to do the same.

Buying Instagram Views for your reel videos is not only easy but also completely safe. Why? Because you do not need to provide your login details in order to purchase the views. You simply provide your reel link and make a purchase, and within seconds the views get delivered. And, what this means is – you could literally Buy Instagram Views for any profile in the world. As you can imagine, this does not mean that you can shadow-ban or penalize any profile just by sending them views, does it? And that – is one of the biggest kept secrets of Instagram fame.

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More often than not, everyone from your favorite influencer to your favorite celebrity has used this strategy at one point or another.

By doing this, you can get your reel video more attention and in turn, build interest in your content. So yes, buying Instagram Reel Views is totally worth it!


In conclusion, buying Instagram Video Views in 2023 is a great way to get more views and attention for your content. Not only is it safe but also very easy and affordable thanks to the various sites like Famium, Wolf Global, and Fresh Engagements that offer packages starting from as low as 500 views at competitive rates.

By buying Instagram Views, you can not only ensure that your reel video is seen by more people but also increase engagement and build interest in your content. Moreover, it’s absolutely safe as you do not need to provide your login details anywhere while making the purchase.

However, before jumping onto any Buy Instagram Views bandwagon, make sure to research the service provider thoroughly and check their reviews to ensure they are the right option for you.