delicate Flower

How funny it would be to find quotes and messages on a women sock. Yes, you heard it right. I have come across with some pair of socks that has funny messages. I find they are straight and brutal. In today’s world, we come across with very funny and weird things. But this time it is unique and weird both. We have heard about quotes on walls, t-shirts, handkerchief, posters, etc. Fashion changing its definition day by day. Let’s see if you want to have a pair of socks having such strong messages. Well, I am going to get one.

#1. Cute girls, what do you think of this pair of socks?

Psycho pair

#2. It’s a beautiful day, with a serious warning on my socks. Lol

Don't fuck it up!

#3. When you are in a mood of straight ignorance. It’s a perfect pair of socks.

Thanks me later!

#4. Geeez! Empowered. No one is gonna come in your way for sure.

Brutal message

#5. Ready for a drink? The socks below may the best way to find out.

sarcastic socks

#6. Worth it!

list is on!

#7. Straight feedbacks are here. I am going to gift them to my lady boss. Lol

Arrogant pair


#8. I just wish my cat could read it. Awww! this is so pretty.

Admiring pair


#9. Are you too frustrated with your office? I think you have a cool choice to wear ladies. Lol

This is a must have pair.


#10. Yeah! Point it to the right one. shows bad impression

#11. I want this for some real fun. A message sent to all, Lol!

cool pair.

#12. Peacemaker!

stop talking

#13. Could it be funnier! This pair of socks is a must to have.

i love my job

#14. Wear me with freedom of choice. Ride it right!

hell raiser

#15. Got a stress free pair!

no one gives a damn

#16. Have a nice day!

shitting rainbow pair

#17. Being so attentive! Yet rude pair of socks.

I don't care

#18. Indeed! Brutally sincere message the socks.

Do not disturb

#19. When no one gives you a damn. But you have your attitude by your side.

i hate everyone


#20. Yet blossoming socks!

I am a delicate but brutally honest

Women have different choices when it comes to clothes and accessories’. They can be sometimes as simple as an ocean, serene. On the other hand, they can be very selective and unique like a waterfall, extremely beautiful. A global study says,” Women’s outfit choices are based on their personal emotion while men tend to choose outfits according to how other people view them.” The study also looked into the impact that clothes can have on a person’s mental well-being, revealing that outfit choices tend to encourage people to try new things and can even help reduce stress.