If that does not gain you a couple of unpleasant names , I do not recognize what does. The message Bridesmaid Is Furious That ‘Bridezilla’ Is Demanding She Drop From Size 12 To Size 8, Exposes Her Toxicity Online initially shown here. I assume the term does not also use…

Here we have spoted a few ‘Bridezilla’ but I think the term doesn’t even apply to this person.

Recently, Reddit user JuneBugg85 received such a terrible batch of demands from the woman whose bridal party she was going to attend, u/junebugg85 dropped out of the event. And decided to shame the psycho online.

Bellow are the message JuneBugg85 shared on the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars. The bride not only requested everyone to send $500 for her honeymoon but also told the bridesmaids to “hit the gym” so they would fit into the dresses she picked out for them.

After the tale went viral, OP shared even more information People were definitely perplexed The message Bridesmaid Is Furious That’Bridezilla’Is Demanding She Drop From Size 12 To Size 8, Exposes Her Toxicity Online initially shown up.


As of this article, JuneBugg85’s post has over 61K upvotes. “I honestly didn’t think it would get this big,” she told us.

JuneBugg85 has been familiar with the hysterical woman since high school but at the time, they didn’t have the same friends group. “She was a grade under me. Super popular girl, very pretty. Everyone loved her. My brother was at the time dating one of her friends and introduced her to my cousin.”

Eventually, the bride learned that JuneBugg85 shared her message on the Internet. “She reached out to me but it wasn’t very friendly and she was very mad. Threatening. And made me question my decision to post this,” Junebugg85 explained. “Her family is now involved and it’s getting pretty messy.”

So far, she hasn’t heard from the other bridesmaids and wedding guests and doesn’t know if they are also boycotting the event. “I’ve been blocked by a lot of the people that were mutual friends and my cousin is also not speaking to me,” Junebugg85 said. “But a lot of people are backing me up saying her demands were outrageous and cruel. I hope my cousin forgives me; I didn’t think this would get so big and just wanted to vent out my frustrations when I posted it.”

After the story went viral, the OP shared more details

Taking a broader look, Michelle Lew, the owner of Lavender Crown Events, a wedding planning company servicing San Jose, Silicon Valley, and the surrounding areas, thinks true ‘bridezillas’ are few and far between. “Like many other stereotypes, the title is portrayed in movies and other media at the extremes,” Lew told us. “While it’s certainly a great descriptor for some overly controlling brides, I don’t think it’s nearly as common as people believe. While the word is thrown around a lot, there aren’t many true ‘bridezillas’ out there.”

In her experience as a planner, ‘bridezillas’ are a rare breed. “Often, if the bride wants every little single detail in their control, they will self-plan their wedding. When it comes to the day-of coordination, most brides are too busy enjoying their special day to even realize something may be off!” Lew explained.

“I do, however, have many clients that use the word ‘bridezilla’ when they say it’s something they want to avoid. I always assure them: it’s your day and we will tailor the wedding to meet your expectations. There’s nothing wrong in wanting specifics, but don’t get too bogged down by minor details! Some people may feel like a ‘bridezilla’, but it’s important to realize the difference between overly controlling every little thing and “wedding brain” (getting overwhelmed by each detail and trying to get all the planning done at once).”

Jilly Kay, a lecturer in media and communication at the University of Leicester, thinks that such stories (and especially the term ‘bridezilla’) tell us that our culture is really uncomfortable with the idea of women having power and also women being angry.

“It speaks to this deep anxiety we seem to have with women who assert themselves, want to take control, and have a voice,” Kay said.

“It’s not just project management in terms of running this multi-faceted event, but all the emotional labor that has to go into it – negotiating complex family politics and making sure that everybody’s happy,” she explained.

If some women snap under the pressure, it is hardly surprising, but the trope of ‘bridezilla’ is “part of the way we don’t value the kind of emotional labor women are doing all the time.”

“Since I’ve started wedding planning, this is one story that replays in my mind like a catchy advertisement jingle. I’ve occasionally sent this to clients as an example of an extreme. If any bride thinks they’re being a bridezilla but really aren’t yet, I always show them this example to let them know that their current level of control over their wants is totally okay!” Lew concluded.

People were absolutely baffled