Marriages can be pretty stressful, but it’s the bride and groom who feels most pressure, right? Of course! But apparently, in this story, one maid of honor became the maid of dishonor after she was cut from her role. Can you guess why? Because she was being too anxious to give a speech.

Definitely, she was taking more stress than the couples, which made her invite the trouble.

Weddings can be stressful for those people specifically chosen to be a part of them.

Surely the soon-to-be-weds are usually the stars of the show. But other people including, bridesmaids, groomsmen, best man, and the maid of honor also get some attention.

But everyone can’t handle this attention.

One future maid of honor was getting cold feet, and the bride was not pleased.

Seeing this, the bride became unhappy. She was so unhappy in fact that she headed to Reddit’s popular r/AmITheAsshole page to ask for commenters to weigh in on her situation.

She explained, “My fiancé and I were expecting speeches from the best man, maid of honor, and our fathers/mothers.”

The bride further added ” we gave them all six months’ notice to prepare their speeches but about a week ago. But my maid of honor (MOH) explained she was too anxious to give hers on the day of.”

This was a problem for the future bride.

MOH confessed to having “bad anxiety giving speeches, to the point of panic,” this bride felt she was in a bind. That’s when the bride did what’s needed to be done: she demoted her MOH to a bridesmaid.

“I told her that the speech is really important to me, and I would be choosing another bridesmaid to be the maid of honor,” she explained. “Well…she was clearly upset but just said ‘ok…’ and that was it.”

It was a bit of an awkward situation.

“I was looking forward to the speeches and they mean a lot to me.,” she wrote. “On top of that, I just think it would be uncomfortable if the best man was giving a speech, and then the maid of honor never spoke. People would be wondering ‘why isn’t she giving a speech too??'”

Plus, the bride-to-be had other worries on her plate.

“I’m also trying to be very understanding of her anxiety issues, but it’s just been extremely difficult for me to choose a maid of honor and see this whole thing through. I’ve been extremely stressed from my kids and work, so having this additional stressor made things much more challenging for me.”

As far as this bride is concerned, she’s done nothing wrong.

The bride wasn’t feeling bad because she thought her MOH is still attending the wedding. What if she is demoted. She is still there. Duh!

“I am still making sure to include the previous chosen maid of honor as a bridesmaid and I will be talking with her to make sure she’s still okay in that roll,” the bride explained.

The Reddit findings are in.

The AITA jury has collectively come together to name this bride as the asshole.

“Choosing a maid of honor used to be about the relationship you had with her,” this person wrote, “not for what she could do for you in regard to wedding plans/prep/speeches/whatever.”

In fact, most users think this bride is totally shallow.

“Your marriage is still valid even if your friend doesn’t speak,” someone wrote. “[You’re the asshole] for requiring that she profess her love for you both in front of a bunch of strangers. Isn’t being in your wedding, taking time off work, purchasing a bridesmaid outfit, etc., enough to show that you are important to her?”

Most comments echo the exact same sentiments.

The bottom line seems to be that friendships extend beyond wedding speeches.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think the bride did right or do you think otherwise?