Bon Jovi slew the world with their songs, and now Jon Bon Jovi made the headlines with his word. In his recent interview with the famous Australian “The Sunday Project”, the singer called the Kardashians a bunch of stars who made a “porno” and “got famous.”

The singer clearly said that he has never given his “60 seconds” to any show made by the Kardashians. He said that the world is “horrific” to be interesting in the “Housewives” blah blah or any show like that.

He continued killing the Kardashians with his next statement, where he said,

“What’s going to be in your autobiography? ‘I made a porno and guess what? I got famous. ”

Bon Jovi said that there are numerous other ways to get famous. They could have been a “painter, singer, dancer or maybe some theatre artist or something.”

Kim Kardashian got famous when her sex tape with Ray-J, who was her boyfriend then was released. Kim Kardashian became a midnight sensation and said, “Not bad for a girl with no talent.” when she appeared on the cover page of Forbes 2016.

Source- Wetpaint

This statement surely invited a lot of critics, but did that matter? No. Her app sold worldwide earning her a whopping $160 million.

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