Barbara Steisand Latest Album Is A Series Of Protest Songs Against Trump!

Barbara Streisand is all fierce at all those women who voted for Trump to be the President. She believes that the Trump administration is assaulting the democracy in the States. Barbara said that the women in the States don’t have their own thoughts to vote against their husband.

Source- Jeni

In an interview with The Daily Mail, the 76-year-old said that she feels extremely painful to see the assaults on democracy, institutions and women in the country she loves. She continued saying that women like to vote just like their husbands. They are not independent of their own thoughts. Maybe that’s why Hillary was the perfect candidate for them as she was so experienced and articulate.

Barbara Streisand has just released her new album “Walls” which has a series of songs full of protest against President Trump. The election results were “devastating” and she is completely “heartbroken” and that’s what her album is all about.

Source- Fox News

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