Yehuda and Maya, announced their first pregnancy in the past and looks like they are ready to welcome their next child.  They share everyday comics of what it is like to experience this journey. All you parents will relate to it totally.  So, without saying much, we would like you to scroll down and explore these illustrations. Do tell us what you think about them in the comment section below.


Belly Belly

The first time the cute couple tried to get pregnant, it took them about a year. “While doing so, we’ve realized that a family of our own is the biggest creation we can hope for,” Yehuda told Hiptoro in an earlier interview.

“The hardest parts were at the end of each month when Maya used to have her period,” he added. “Continuously dealing with lack of success makes you feel as if you aren’t in control of your life. It’s a terrible feeling.”



The experience they had during the lockdown was shared by the couple, “Like everyone else, we too have not been able to escape the limitations of the pandemic, and we need to be very creative in order to continue working in this situation,” Yehuda said. “We have transformed our lectures and workshops, taking them online, and we make sure to appear in online events as much as possible.”

“Also, these days we are publishing a new online series that will give you a glimpse into our private creative world. It will answer questions such as: how did we transform our most personal moments into content that millions can relate to all over the world? How did evolve from comic artists into successful content creators? What is it really like to put your most vulnerable side out there for everyone to see? What is it like to sit behind the screen after publishing new content and letting the world see you with no filters?”


She Can Walk!


First Contact


Out Of Proportion





Mommy Deserves A Toy Too


Our New Year’s Eve


Everybodies Watching


Ready For The Next Step




Bad Romance


She Needed A Hand


The Screen




Mr. & Mrs. Know-It-All


Everything’s Gonna Be Alright


Deal With It!


Bon Appétit


Oh Hair No!


A Symphony Of Flavors


We Can Start Whenever We Want..


Sleep Tight


Pillow Fight


Mommy’s Got A Bun In The Oven!!!!


Family Vacation


Heavy Load…


Quality Time


We’re In This Together! There Is No ‘I‘ In ‘We’.my Biggest Fear, As A Woman, Mother, And Wife, Is To Suddenly Find Myself Alone In The World


Same Story Every Winter…