Alibaba’s AI provides solution for Health Care, Translation, Speech Recognition and Many More!


Jack Ma’s Alibaba is now moving one step ahead in the e-commerce business. The Chines conglomerate is soon going to expand in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Alibaba started its AI services in March 2017 in the field of manufacturing and health care. Later that year in September, the company unveiled that it will now be moving into logistics and automobiles with its self-developed AI inference chip. Alibaba will bring an independent subsidiary for the same.

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In a presentation at NeurIPS 2018, Alibaba Institute of Data Science’s dean Mr. Rong Jin discussed the challenges which AI will help them solve. Jin revealed that one of the major challenges that will be taken up in the upcoming AI services is speech recognition. Alibaba’s AI solution will provide such an algorithm which will isolate different voices separately in any crowded place. This will drastically reduce the error rate.

All the current speech recognition models are around 84 percent accurate. Alibaba claims that once it brings in its technology in full-fledged, it will be around 94 to 95 accurate, even if there are heavy speakers around.

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This is not just the only thing Alibaba is going to solve with its AI. It is also working on real-time translation which will help its retail customers of Russia and Malaysia talk directly with their representatives in their native language. And the retail customers will be talking to another AI, Alime who will be programmed to answer the basic troubleshooting questions without the involvement of any human being.

Another Alibaba’s AI is aiming to prevent shoplifting. Over 66 stores of Alibaba’s Hema, self-checkout kiosks have an offline algorithm. The machine will monitor whether anything is not scanned, or if the customer is intentionally or unintentionally concealing any item.

Alibaba is also planning to make a heavy investment of $15 billion of AI research and development by 2020.

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