Director Brad Bird reported the sad news about Adam Burke’s death. The Pixar Animator was suffering from cancer. Bird and Burke worked together on four animated films. Bird said that Burke was very talented and a man of great charisma.

Adam Burke did stellar work on every animated feature I’ve made. A great man & talent, always upbeat, giving. He shepherded Pixar’s Children’s Hospital visits that happen with each film’s release. He passed last night from cancer. We’ll miss you, Adam.

Burke’s career began back in 1990s including some fine works he did for Don Bluth, Richard Rich and Warner Bros. His brilliant work was seen in Thumbelina, The Swan Princess, The Iron Giant, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas and several other animated movies and video games.

The Road to El Dorado

In 2003, Burke started working for Pixar when he moved to Emeryville. He did animation work for The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Toy Story 3, Mater and the Ghost Light, The Incredibles 2, Monsters University, Cars, Up and WALL-E. These are some movies that the twenty first century kids have grown up watching and these will always be a part of their childhood.

Burke was not only a talented animator, but he could also recognize the golden pieces of art that would progress and evolve into something special. While working for Iron Giant, Burke has said,

Any pressure that you might have felt with time constraints or the hectic energy of a production under pressure was completely alleviated by the fact that you were working for this wonderful noble cause.


The sad news of his death came on 7th October. We will not only miss his great work, but also the great animator himself. The young Pixar animator was just twenty six years old when he passed away. Many artists have expressed their condolences through Twitter.

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The Iron Giant

Source: Comicbook, Cartoonbrew