A special game was organized between the US Military Academy and the Air Force Academy the last Saturday.

However, this rivalry brought with itself some pranks which later proved to be deadly.

Two West Point Cadets took away two falcons of the Air Force Academy. The two falcons were named Aurora and Oblio.

The Cadets stuffed the birds into dog crates and hid them under a sweater. This incident happened late Friday night. When the birds were taken out of the crate the following morning, Aurora had suffered extreme injuries on her wings when she was continuously thrashed inside the crate. Oblio, luckily, didn’t have any such injuries.

Source- Maxim

The entire incident was reported to New York Times by Mr. Sam Dollar last Sunday. Mr. Dollar is the current falconry team advisor for The Air Force Academy.

This prank of the West Cadets met severe criticism over the social media. The public demanded that they should be expelled, and are a “disgrace to the military.”

Mr. Dollar continued saying that handling falcons require extreme attention and if you’re not trained, you shouldn’t even touch them.

Source- New York Times