Another major scam of $400,000 was revealed a couple of days back. A couple from New Jersey and a homeless Philadelphian were running a major scam on the popular crowdfunding site

The story on GoFundMe was made around the homeless man named Johnny Bobbitt and the couple Mark D’Amico and Kate McClure. According to their story on GoFundMe, Kate was stuck in the middle of Interstate as her car ran out of gas. Seeing the lady in trouble, Bobbitt spent his remaining $20 to buy her gas for her car. Seeing this generosity, the couple decided to arrange some funds for the poor man. A total of 14,000+ people donated and the couple collected $402,706 for the homeless Bobbitt.

But the WCAU observed that the couple hid a lot of crucial information from their made up a story.

Source – Stars and Stripes

The couple turned themselves in. However, this false allegations soon turned out to be a criminal investigation when Mr. Bobbitt accused the couple to spend all the money they raised through GoFundMe for their personal benefits. He said that couple bought themselves a new BMW and enjoyed a lavish holiday trip.

The couple, till now have denied all the allegations. GoFundMe is trying to get Mr. Bobbitt all the money which was collected for him.

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Source- People