Are you guys ready for your weekly dosage of doggo posts?

You would all agree to us that when you see a dog video or picture on the Internet, you instantly have a big smile pon your face. There are thousands of dogs breeds that you are aware or unaware off. You can never get enough of loving them and watching them. When you dealing with this pandemic, we understand the stress each one of you is dealing with. So, just to deal with the mid-week blues, we have these adorable dog posts for you that will help you survive the week with positivity.

1. That is one MASSIVE dog!

2. Bodhi to the rescue!

3. Damn, never seen a dog wearing a lab gear!

4. No, I’m digging that look.


6. Doggo be like “Yo, what’s up dawg?”

7. Can’t even imagine the happiness that guy under Donald’s mask would be feeling!


8. This dog can use that skateboard better than I could my whole life.

9. This reminded me of the scene from Tom & Jerry when Spike is about to eat tom’s head.