4 Tips to keep Your Office Building Secure

    CCTV Camera security operating in office building.
    CCTV Camera security operating or security camera monitoring in office building.

    Your business premises have to be made as secure as they can be in order to protect your valuable assets. Whether your office has a single floor building or a whole property, it contains a wide range of valuable and expensive items, from office equipment, machinery, and legal documents to cash.

    Therefore, it’s vital to take proper security measures to protect the contents of your office building from theft. Installing a proper security system also helps you lower your business insurance premiums. Listed below are some general tips to keep your office building secure and safe.

    Protect the Premises and Entrances

    The perimeter of your property is the boundary of your property. The goal of securing the boundary of your property is to control who can drive or walk onto your office building. Perimeter security can be ensured by installing a barbed wire fence around the boundary of the property.

    The main entry gate should be protected by turnstiles and one or two armed guards. Turnstiles permit only one person to pass at a time after verifying his identity. This is your first line of defense to restrict the entry of unauthorized persons in your property.

    office building gate security

    Protect Your Inner Perimeter

    The inner perimeter consists of doors, windows, and walls of your property. Use locks, keys, and alarm systems to ensure the security of the inner perimeter. Locks and keys are meant to keep intruders out. Electronic access control system is increasingly being used to control the number of people entering your inner office premises.

    When a person fails to meet the system’s perimeter (biometric identification), the alarm system warns you, and the door remains locked. Don’t handover your office keys to anyone. If the intruder can make a copy of your office keys, your office security is at stake.

    Install Security Cameras

    Installing security cameras is one of the best approaches to ensure the security of your office. Install them at the premises, entry points, and inside your office space. It’s important to place the cameras to cover all the potentially risky areas and check that the lighting is sufficient.

    Seek help of a security company to help you with proper installation of the CCTV cameras. Video captured with cameras can help you keep an eye on all the areas of your property through a single monitor screen.

    Access Control and Regulation

    This involves two techniques – natural access control and electronic access control system. Natural access control involves using landscaping and building features to control the exit and entry of people. Doing this limits the access of unauthorized persons to your office space.

    Office Building cctv cameras

    This means there would be only one or two entry or exit points that are monitored continuously by guards. Electronic access control further limits the number of people entering your office. Electronic access control system adds another layer of security by using identity verification features like biometrics or passwords etc.

    It allows you to keep track of who enters your building, when he enters, and where he goes in the building.

    Establish Proper Key Control Procedures

    If electronic access control is not applicable for your office facility, it’s essential to have an established system of distributing and controlling keys. Assign responsibility of locking and unlocking your office to a few individuals and only those persons should have the custody of the keys.

    The key control procedures should clearly state the instructions on the opening and locking up of your office including proper inspection of the closets, wardrobes, and other areas where someone might hide. Only assign key custodianship to the responsible individuals with physical keys clearly numbered. Furthermore, you must also audit actual keys periodically.

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