When parents are expecting a child, they expect cute babies, not kids who look like their grandparents. That’s right! There are kids who have just entered the world and are already looking like they are fed up with everything. 

Before you ask, these little kiddos are healthy. However, they simply look decades older than what their birth certificate says. You might be thinking that we are exaggerating a little bit but we are not. If you don’t believe us, you can see these kids yourself. 

Born In The Year 2020

This Baby Looks Like He’s Ready To Pour You A Pint At His Pub

My Son Used To Look Like Danny Devito

Time To Change What?

My Son. Birth Certificate Says 1 Week, But The Forehead Wrinkles Say Your 80-Year-Old Grandfather Who Looks Vaguely Like A Bulldog And Falls Asleep In His Recliner While Chewing On A Stogie

These Might Just Be The Best Baby Facial Expressions I Have Ever Captured! Mom And Dad Both Said She Came Out With This Same Face! Grumpy Old Lady

Old Babies, You Say?

He’s Figuring Out Which Cup Wesley Poisoned

Put Me Back Where I Came From Or So Help Me

Born On The 21st Hour Of The 21st Day Of The 21st Year Of The 21st Century, Heres My Newborn Daughter Striking A Pose For The Camera

At 5 Months Old My Son Already Has The Best School Photo Ever

This Disgruntled Baby

“Lost My Job, Lost My Wife, Lost My Binky”

My Brother In Law Used To Look Like A Travel-Sized Soprano

Our Baby Looks Exactly Like Gordon Ramsay

The Angriest Newborn  

When You Gotta Finish That Fresh Batch Of Cookies But Have Nap Time At 3

My Twins Looking Like An Old Married Couple

My 3 Week Old Daughter Reminds Me Of An Old Aunty That Always Judging You

This Baby Already Sick Of Everything

I Feel Judged

Had The Perfect Picture From When My Son Was Two Weeks Old

What Kind Of Baby Makes Faces Like This

I Guess A Lot Of Babies Look Like Wallace Shawn, But Man, Those Eyebrow Wrinkles

Little Old Man

My Daughter And Her Great-Great-Grandmother. I Think That The Resemblance Is Quite Uncanny

2 Months Old, Not A Wig

We Told Ben He Looked Like His Grampy, He Didn’t See The Resemblance

 I Was One Of Those “Old Man” Babies

Me Running For Local Office

I Think My Son Is Benjamin Button

Picture Of My Friend’s Newborn. This Baby Has Definitely Been Through Some Hell

An Hour Old And He’s Already Regretting His Life Decisions

After A Successful Board Meeting

I Feel My Friends Baby Needs to be Captioned

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