People miss jokes all the time but not every time they get featured on the wonderfully weird r/woooosh subreddit. That’s why when certain people made a joke of themselves by missing something sarcastically hilarious online, we couldn’t help but show it to you. 

Scroll down to have a look.

The Bad Doctor

The Comment Got 9 Likes

It’s Clearly A Magic Eight Ball

You Didn’t Solve It

This Is So Sad Guys

I Thought It Was Real

Looks Like New York To Me

Some People Think They Are So Smart

Bruh Moment

The Manager Will Listen To Me… This May Not End Well

Some People Are Just Dumb

I Knew I Would Find That Comment

I Think The Punchline Was

We Are All Dumb

I Wonder How That Would Work

No Texas Really Is Massive

It’s Just All Around Easier

This Is Two Stupid

Prince Phillip

I Thought He Would Have Got It

The World Goes On

Why Is Everyone On Instagram So Stupid

The Irony

My Friend On Discord

Onioned Lol

Insert *wow*

Congratulations! You Have Solved The Mystery!

Gravity. It Works In Amazing Way- Oh

It’s Under Water

This Was Me Almost A Year Ago. I Have Returned To See If Anyone Remembers Me. Or If My Legacy Died With Me

My Friend Is Way Too Dumb

Oh Thank God She Corrected Him I Was Worried!

Wdym 2021 Won’t Make Covid Go Poof?

It Was Just Too Deep.. He Didn’t Understand

Nah They’re Just Proud Of Their Pro-Gamer Son !