Designing the most stunning structures is the responsibility that you put on an architect’s shoulders. He/she comes with these brilliant ideas and after thoroughly working on the design for months altogether, you get a masterpiece, and sometimes even a big disaster. Well, thankfully the work that has been shared on “the beautiful impossibilities that we want to live in“, a subreddit is entirely dedicated to a highly thoughtful and impressive piece of work done by brilliant architects.

So, let’s see what we have in stock for you today.

#1 Semi-Destroyed In 1979 By The Earthquake In Albania. Rebuilt Two Years Ago

#2 The Russian Ministry Of Agriculture, In Kazan

#3 The Art Nouveau ‘Gran Hotel Ciudad De México’, 1899, By French Architect, Jacques Grüber

#4 This Spiral Staircase Carved From A Single Tree In 1851 – Located In Lednice Castle, Czech Republic

#5 Pavillion Of The Enlightened, Bangkok

#6 Wisteria Blossoms Surrounding The Entrance Of A Victorian Townhouse In San Francisco

#7 Zhongshuge Bookstore In Chengdu, China

#8 A Spiral Staircase Designed By Leonardo Da Vinci In The Year 1516

#9 The Kansas City Public Library

#10 Natural History Museum, London

#11 Vietnam’s Golden Bridge

#12 Budapest Hungary

#13 This Apartment Building In Tel Aviv, Israel

#14 Early 1900’s Craftsman Home In Seattle

#15 House In Art Nouveau Style, Brussels, Belgium

#16 The Ceiling Of The Shah Mosque In Isfahan, Iran

#17 This Stone Cottage In England

#18 Winter Has Come In Iceland. Hallgrímskirkja In Reykjavík. Photo By Gunnar Freyr

#19 “Azure Blue Pool” At Hearst Castel, San Simeon, California. It Was Built By Architect Julia Morgan Between 1919 And 1947

#20 Restaurant On The River Ill Flowing Through The Historic Petite France Quarter Of Strasbourg, France

#21 Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas, By E. Fay Jones

#22 Duomo Di Milano, Italy

#23 Shades Of Blue Highlight This San Francisco Victorian Home

#24 Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral In France – Built Entirely Of Black Lava Stone

#25 Grundtvig’s Church In Copenhagen, Denmark. Was Completed In 1940 And Its Design Is A Combination Between A Cathedral And The Style Of Old Danish Country Houses

#26 Park Royal Hotel Singapore

#27 Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

#28 Windows Inside Dos Bosco Chapel- Brasilia, Brazil

#29 Very Narrow Corner House, Amsterdam, Netherlands

#30 The Tomb Of Ramesses Vi, The Valley Of Kings, Egypt

#31 Fallingwater Under Snow, Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright In 1935

#32 19th Century Italianate Orangery Of The Castle Ashby House, Northamptonshire, East Midlands, England

#33 The Entrance To A Nightclub In Seoul, South Korea Designed By Mdrdv

#34 The Stunning Shah-I-Zinda Necropolis In Samarkand, Uzbekistan

#35 Neo-Gothic House In Budapest Circa 1894