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We are back again with this month’s edition of rescued pets. We know you have missed us. Guess what? Even we have missed you. So, we are back. Today, we have compiled some of the cutest and most adorable rescued animal pictures that are too cute to handle. After getting rescued, the life of these cuties have changed and they are loving the change. 

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This Stray Cat Was Hit By A Car, Had A Broken Jaw And Arm. Doctors Did Surgery But Had To Remove Most Of Her Teeth. She Recovered Fully And Has A Goofy Smile Now. One Of The Surgeons Adopted Her Straight From The Clinic And Named Her Duchess The Miracle Cat

Went To Adopt A Kitten Yesterday And Her Sister Started Crying For Her As Soon As They Were Separated. So Now I Have Two Kittens. Best Decision Ever!

First Night Home From The Shelter After Adoption

Sterile Cat Gets An Adoption Kitten From The Streets

Went To Adopt Orange Cat, Got A Cat With Orange Eyes

The Moment I Knew I Had To Adopt Him

This Lucky Little Lady Was Found Abandoned In The Middle Of The Road At Just A Few Weeks Old. She Was Missing One Eye And The Other Was So Severely Infected That It Had To Be Removed. After Nursing Her Back To Health, She Was Too Amazing To Put Up For Adoption. So, Meet Smishy!

I Just Adopted My First Pet! This Is Kisa, She Is My Emotional Support Animal My BF And I Discovered She’s A Naturally Cuddly Kitty Who Loves Pets! In Only 3 Days She’s Made Her Own Little Nap Spot On My Bed, And We Chill While I Do Homework. She’s Also Beautiful To Boot!

Since I Adopted Her She Has Been Hiding Under The Couch And Today She Came To Me For The First Time After Two Weeks

It Took 3 Months, But Our Rescue Boy Has Learned That Beds Are Safe And Comfy. After 5 Years Alone In An Outdoor Concrete Run, It’s Beautiful To See Him So Relaxed

After A Decade In A Shelter, A Rescue Dog Named Wiggles Finally Has A Home

Been Telling Myself The Only Way To Keep Them Together Is To Just Adopt Them Myself. It’s Not My Fault. I Have No Choice

I Volunteer For A Cat Shelter And This Kitten Was Dropped Off By A Woman Who Said Her Neighbors Were Trying To Kill Him Because They Didn’t Like Black Cats. After Being Treated For An Abscess On His Leg Caused By A Bb, I’ve Adopted Him So He Can Derp His Life Away In Comfort And Safety

Might Have Adopted A Seal Instead Of A Puppo

He’s 12 Years Old And I’m Hoping To Make His Golden Years Brighter By Adopting Him. Reddit, Meet Charlie!

This Is Nazuka, We Rescued Him A Couple of Hours Ago. He Used To Live Under A Broke Down Car, We Adopted Him And He’s Now My Husband’s First Dog

We Officially Ended Our Foster And Now We’re His Forever Home!

Went To My Local Shelter To Adopt A Cat And This Lovebug Ran Up To Sit In My Lap. She Was Found On A City Sidewalk Giving Birth Months Ago. Her Kittens Have Since Been Adopted But This Mama Cat Has Been Living At The Shelter. She Arrived At My Apartment Today And Has Already Made Herself At Home

I’ve Been Dreaming Of Adopting A Velvet Hippo For Years. The Perfect Girl Was Surrendered At My Hospital And Now She’s All Mine

Our Foster Puppy When We Told Her We Were Adopting Her

Tried To Adopt One Loaf, Ended Up With Twin Loaves

Rescued My Neighbor’s Chicken A Few Weeks Back, Now She Comes Knocking On My Door Every Morning To Gossip

My First Ever Pet Besides A Goldfish, Everyone Meet Pluto. I Rescued Her From An Animal Shelter

So Apparently My Brother Adopted A Stray Cat And When I Came To Visit, He Introduced Himself Before I Could Get Into The House!

From Stray To Foster To Forever Home. I Think She Likes It Here

Just Helped My Boss Adopt A Puppy

Statler, A Rescued 33-Year-Old Indian Flying Fox Here At Bat World Sanctuary, Has Been Getting Some Crazy Social Media Attention Lately! He Sends His Love And Appreciation

I Found This Little Guy Yelling Alone In The Scrapyard, After A Clean Up And A Trip To The Vets To Check For A Microchip, I Can Finally Say I’ve Adopted My First Kitten! Welcome Arthur

Our New Rescue Dog Already Gives Us The Cutest Derpy Smile

This Is My Rescue Twinky. She Likes To Wave

Meet Paisley! Her Mama Was A Stray Kitten My Sister Took In And Adopted. Paisley Is Now An Indoor Only Kitten And Has Found Her “Forever” Home With Me. These Are Pics Of Her At 3, 4, 5 & 6 Weeks

Not Even One Year Old, Moved 5 Times. Now He’s Finally At His Forever Home, Welcome Home Little Guy!

My Boyfriend & I Finally Adopted A Puppy After Dreaming About It For Months. Welcome, Home Winston!

Our New Rescue Kitty Watching People Shovel Snow Outside Blep!

\My Wife And I Taking This Rescue Pup To His Forever Home

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