Sometimes, it seems like our big bois and girls just refuse to accept that they have grown big. Probably, that’s why even when become gigantic, they behave like a small puppy. And actually, we should not blame them. After all, these precious angels are still babies from their hearts. (Don’t judge, okay?)

This means that even if your big furry friend wants to sit on your lap or hide under a table, let him do that because he is still small from inside. Wait. don’t you agree? No worries because the precious pictures that we have found will definitely change your mind. 

Keep scrolling till the end and let these big furry angels melt your heart.

#1 This Is Ben. He Has A Beard. And He Is Human-Sized. We Get Fun Looks In Traffic

#2 He May Look Like A Bear But He Identifies As A Lap Dog

#3 Bonner, Newfoundland, Can Often Be Spotted In Our Rehabilitation Unit Encouraging Patients

We even talked to PDSA, a leading vet charity. One of its representatives told us that “making sure they are fed on a complete diet which keeps them at their ideal weight is important to keep them fit and healthy. As a general rule, we tend to give our pets too much food which can lead to obesity and reduced activity levels.”

#4 Here’s Another One Of Our Rescues, Yuki

A bad dog owner dumped this wolfdog at a kill shelter when he got too big and too much to handle. Luckily a sanctuary took him, instead and saved his life! His DNA testing came back as 87.5 % Gray Wolf, 8.6 % Siberian Husky, and 3.9 % German Shepherd.

#5 Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog

#6 Big Dogs Can Be Scared At The Vet Too

“The best way to monitor your dog’s food intake is to weigh both them and their food. You can discuss your dog’s weight with your vet and check their body condition at home. Once you have a starting point and know what their target weight should be, start weighing and monitoring their food and treats to see how much they’re getting,” the PDSA said.

#7 My 85 Lb Dog Is Scared Of My Sister’s 1,5 Lb Foster Kitten

#8 This Big Boy With His Pooh

#9 This Christmas Tree Farm Has Newfies That Will Cart Your Tree To Your Car For You

“You might want to try weighing out their portions at the start of the week to make it easy to keep track of what’s being fed. Reweigh your dog after a few weeks and see if they’ve gained, lost, or maintained their weight, then adjust their amount of food to fit your goal.”

#10 Our Daughter Who Is Now 3 And One Of Our Saint Bernards Who Is Now 9

#11 Big House Cow Meets Little House Cow

#12 Bruce Wayne Is A Big Snuggly Cane Corso

#13 There Was A Giant Traffic Jam In The Walkways At The Expo. I Finally Found Out What Was Slowing Everyone Down. This Giant Bear Dog Was Getting Pets By Thousands Of People

#14 Tiny Kitten Observes Big Dog Yawn

#15 Am I The Only One That Needs A Little Help Getting In The Car?

#16 Our Neighbor Sent Me This Adorable Display Of Pure Joy Between Our Dogs. They Finally Got Him A Stool So He Could Greet His Big Friend Properly

#17 Lapdog

He is such a gentle beast (a mix of American wolfdog and malamute).

#18 Big Boy

#19 I Look Like Walrus? But I Am Dog. I Big Sof Floof. No Walrus. Bamboozled

#20 16 Months Apart

#21 I Swung By My Old Place To Help My Former Roommate With Some Things. The Neighbor’s Dog Recognized Me And Gave The Perfect Greeting. Believe It Or Not, This Guy Is Still A Puppy

#22 Monty The Big Friendly Giant

#23 Seamus The Irish Wolfhound Is A Gentle Giant

#24 My 93 Lb German Shepherd Is Pretty Pleased With The Amount Of Inconvenience He’s Causing

#25 Lazy Giant

#26 Ridiculously Massive Doggo Spotted On The Underground

#27 Big Boi

#28 Meet Carl The 150 Pound Lion/Good Boy Hybrid

#29 One Year Old Today. 97 Pounds. 31 Inches Tall

#30 “A Rottweiler? Well I Must Admit I Have Always Preferred Lap Dogs” Granny Before She Met Gus

#31 Lincoln The Dane

#32 Meet Simba. He’s A Leonberger

#33 This Heat Is Unbearable For Ralphie The Newf

#34 Koji, My Gentle Giant

#35 Saw A Gentle Giant At The Vets. She Was A Darling And Sat Down With Her Owner While They Waited