It’s another week. That means it’s time for another hilarious post that will make this day a little better for you.

2016 Sounds Pretty Good Right About Now

Woody, No!

Not Guy Fieri

We Need To Save The Postal Service

Holding Our Breath

They Tried

Devastating In Its Accuracy

On Second Thought, This Is Pretty Accurate

Nature’s Healing

She Is Our Savior

The Accuracy

It’s Where We Let Loose

Big Let Down

Just Focus People

Really Doubling Down

A Diabolical Plan

Very True

I Agree With Me!

Can You Blame Her?

We Can Only Hope

History’s Greatest Monster


So Crazy!

Having A Great Time

How Did It Come To This?

And Eve Was Weak!


Powerful Sacrifice!

Missed Opportunity

I Would Play This Game

This Sounds Like Heaven

Cancel Culture Claims Another Victim

Very Motivating!