You owe it to yourself, to be honest with yourself, and being completely honest with yourself entails accepting your truth. (if that makes any sense). We all make mistakes from time to time, but what characterizes a mature person is the ability to accept such errors without complaining or attempting to place blame.

The ability to admit faults is one thing, but what happens when someone corrects you without realizing that what they said is incorrect in and of itself? We are both foolish, as one of the photos you’ll see says. I say at this point.

You can see all of these and more in the collection below, from people who claim to have plenty of money but end up asking for donations to people whose generation is proud of eating a**, whose mom took nine years to finish the joke, whose concert was only attended by one fan, to people who want to enjoy being ugly in a mask that is not see-through. So, in order to preserve the health of comedy, we pay tribute to these people by providing you with 30 of their funny self-portraits.

1. I guess you were beautiful… It’s true

2. Did God put the 6 inches somewhere else?

3. Uhm… Huh…

4. Well, that was a speedy change

5. Ding, dong, you both are stupid…

6. You all need new PR reps

7. Well, spying on me isn’t a job

8. So that means… Oh, nevermind

9. The top of the bell curve is average IQ

10. The bar association’s self own Hall of fame

11. And they are nowhere to be found
Oh, there’s one…

12. Yeah, the mask brings some kind of safety for ugliness

13. That is so, so sad

14. What has kept me from being a father…

15. It came directly from the horse’s mouth

16. The best dad’s get promoted to Grandpa

17. Walk away, my dear friend

18. The story of the two sims

19. A cough that is faker than an imaginary girlfriend

20. Well next time, try and tone it down

21. And it came back right in your face

22. Whatever it is that he said…

23. When seeing someone is enough punishment

24. Yup, this is literally my face

25. Oh, okay!

26. Ever met a hetero woman who enthusiastically participates in sex?

27. The worst thing I ever saw yet…

28. It’s a self invitation but you shouldn’t take it though

29. Well, there is a reason for everything

30. No one respects our opinions

Self-owning is not simple, but it takes bravery, and as you can see from the 30 images you just viewed, there are occasions when it may even be enjoyable. But on the other hand, it’s crucial to recognize when someone is pranking you in order to avoid falling for their trap.

Please respond in the comments box below with your thoughts on this collection and which story made you laugh out loud.