Hello, beautiful people! 

This year is going to end in just a few days. Do you know what that means? Yes, you have guessed it right. It’s time to check out some of the hilarious, savage, and most funny parenting tweets. And you are going to love ‘em all. 

So, get some popcorn, take out your blankets, get comfortable in your bed, and start reading these tweets from all around the world. Some of these tweets will offer you secret parents tips while others will just make your days. 

Scroll down and enjoy. 

To understand more about parenting, we have talked to Anita Cleare. She is the author of ‘The Work/Parent Switch’. She said “trying to be a perfect parent is bad for children and bad for parents because it sets everybody up to fail. Research shows that ‘good enough’ parenting is best for children”.

She further added, “getting it right most of the time but also failing your children in ways they can handle—so that they gradually increase their independence.” Cleare said, “Great parents make mistakes but they try to learn from them (and not to repeat them too often!).” 

“Putting yourself last is not good for you or for your kids. Even when you are really busy, try to find regular 5-20 minute breaks in your day when you can relax, practice some mindfulness, or do something joyful,” she told us.