Dogs love us humans with all their heart and there’s no doubt about it.

We are sure that you have a dog and this is what brings you to check our new post. They are the sweetest, most innocent creatures in the world. All they need is your attention 24/7, some delicious treat and tons of love. In return, you will get so much affection from them.

We don’t believe that our dogs have much to think about. But instead, the trust is that they carefully observe everything that is happening around them. They have their own way on analysing things and finding a solution for it.  A popular Twitter handle named ‘Thoughts of Dog’, shares what a dog might think off every day.

Below we have compiled some post from the handle which you can scroll down and relate to.

Can’t believe my luck.

Puppy dog eyes: ON.

Don’t let the feelings distract you.

It is what it is.

Not every hooman is like your hooman.

Pay heed.

Ultimate support.


Life is good.

I’m fabulous.

Yes please.

Plot twist.

I am in charge.

Don’t look at me, you did it.

It will do.

Just a coincident.

Enjoy the little moments.

It’s the only way.

If I can get waffles, you can get anything.

Zero regrets.

Now, they can’t leave.

Quality snack.


Big plans.

It’s honestly the best way.

They are toast without me.

It’s crazy how they fall for it.

Best surprises.

You never know.

Struggles of life.

Did you relate to any of these thoughts? leave you comments and tell us about it.