Why do you think a dog is a man’s best friend? When you think of a dog’s thoughts, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? Is it their playful, uninhibited nature? Yes, It reflects the fact that dogs have more or less jolly minds. We have specifically bred them not to fully mature but to maintain a mind that is very similar to those of their similar forebears for their entire lives however when you talk about the technical term for this is neoteny. It’s part of what makes dogs unconditionally loving companions who do silly things that make us laugh. If we notice around, dog thoughts can be funnier than we imagine.

But that is the beauty to embrace when you have them for life. In other words, Dogs are the loveliest creature and a beautiful companion for life. When they love you out of way in every possible condition, it is impossible to avoid this nature. Therefore, we see such playful behaviors with a sense of humor. Do you ever wonder how a dog thinks? What is their way to express things?

Above all, only a dog owner can have all the best moments when they find their dogs funnier, happier, angrier, or humorous. Furthermore, we found some tweets on twitter about how funny activities they do. Let’s have a look at some of these hilarious thoughts.

#1. For instance, just hand in hands.a break with dogs

#2.Why he is so much excited for doorbells.

at the doorstep

#3. When dogs express love, it reflects.

important message

#4. Meanwhile when you catch him during secret analysis.

 Spy dogs.

#5.How can you think of this?

mornings are better this way

#6. Yes, Catch me if you can.

catch me

#7. Strategies are here now. Lol

can u think like this

#8. Most importantly, I’ll be there for you!

do you feel distracted?

#9. Why every morning?

love at par

#10. No question this is how I am going.

I see you

#11. I would never do that.

with all i have

#12. Morning gonna be yummy. I am already asleep.

 excited to sleep

#13. Just relax. I am the healer.


#14. Yea, this is humor.


#15. When you know your dog is enough enlightened.

i see all

#16.Oh! Did you know this?

one with freezer

#17. In conclusion, the list never ends.

task to do

#18. Why can’t I be Social?

good weirdo

#19. No body shaming. Moreover, I’m lovin’ it.

I'm lovin it

#20. How grateful!


#21. What could be the best place to gaze around.

two options

#22. Because they can date too.


#23. What a surprise!


#24. As a result, dog thoughts with achievements.

tasks ahead

#25. How wonderful! Even dogs love that.


#26. Love above all.

deep thought

#27. Because, where there’s a will, there’s a way.


#28. I can do anything for snacks.


#29. Please take me too!

i am here