20+ Photos That Look More Like Fiction, but They’re Real

Have you come across some pictures that look more like fiction, but they are real. As you know this is the generation of digital technology with which everything comes on the internet before it happens in real life. Moreover, we have seen many movies that define the fiction at its best. Out of wonder, we see many things around us that we might not believe but they are real and alive. They look like some fictional character like some doll, or any unrealistic character that amaze us with their real existence. We have seen many pictures on the internet, of some beautiful girls who looks like a doll and it is hard to believe that they are just like us and not any fictional doll.

But here we are talking about some pictures which are very unique and unbelievable.

Hold your thoughts while watching and share them with your loved ones.

Have you seen a boy with so much long and strong hair? That would be a dream of any girl have hair as this man has.

Long hair

So, I know you have seen cute dogs, dangerous dogs, but what do you think about these mustaches? What do you think, are they real? My answer is affirmative.

puppy with moustaches

Illusion or real? Looks like this mountain has the sun inside it.


I found this beautiful sparrow in my garden. These leaves surely have wings and ready to fly. Leaves creating sparrows, amazing.

Close up picture of a ballpoint pen. I have never seen this before. Looks completely fictional.

Fire hydrants, Work in progress.

Frozen Blackberries looking like pomegranates

A lightening effect on the earth. The picture explains it all.

Cops in Venice on a mission riding jet skis!

Looks like cucumber, it is cucamelon. It tastes like lemon with cucumber. Delicious!

Have you seen your plane like this before? see my plane encircled by the rainbow. Awesome moment.

Giant dinosaur footprint

My friend has some serious humor. He made this to enter his fields.

What a view! Nights are always special as there are stars. It looks like a fictional movie scene but it really caught in camera.

Picture just before the eruption. What would be the picture after the eruption. Just thinking.

It’s not a fiction but a perfect and colorful wing can take you to the skies. Indeed, a dragonfly.

That is not white flower, that is ice on the flowers. isn’t it so beautiful? This summer has been so fantastic so far.

You would think that this might be some grass or wood, but I think this is close view of a needle.

You just need sun and very much of a high pixel camera to have this picture.

No, this is not fake. This is the real picture of a place where humans are not so aware of beauty and need of cleanliness.

Some donkeys gave a ride to the little lambs who could not make it by themselves. Isn’t it so wonderful?