Huskies are weird because they do things that we normally cannot understand. Like sleeping in weird positions. And by weird positions, we mean really weird. Like inside their food bowl, on each other, under a table, or somewhere else where you can’t find them. 

You can scroll down to see sleeping huskies getting comfortable in weird positions. 

This pupper thinks it is a good idea to roll up in a food bowl to sleep. Excuse me Sir/Ma’am, this is used for serving food.

This sleeping position has two benefits. Firstly, using each other as a pillow and secondly, snuggles for a good nap.

Seems like this goofball fell asleep while playing fetch.

Don’t know what he was thinking.

This one’s clearly flying in its dreams.

Excuse me, I think your dog is broken. It needs assembling.

This one is just being extremely playful right after a nap.

You come home to this. Definitely the cutest thing in the doorway.

When you’ve finally found that comfy position and forgot your phone on the charger…

Seems like this one is doing yoga in sleep.

Okay, can anyone explain this?

The whole squad on a Friday night.

This dog has melted.

We have mixed feelings about this one. It’s both adorable and funny.

That’s exactly what bags are for.

That’s a Husky-shaped snow cone.

The best sleeping posture so far. Sploot in human’s lap.

So innocent and uncomfortable at the same time.

We bet this one’s dreaming of bones.

Nap anywhere, anytime.

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