Do you know what’s cool? A witty comeback because nothing can beat it. Scroll down because we have collected some of the best comebacks from the subreddit r/clevercomebacks for you.

Bill Nye Coming In Hot

BOOM! Roasted

Just So We Are Clear, Dad Bods Are Loved.

Big Oooof!

We Got A Comedian Over Here!

That Machine Is Always Broken

His Confidence Probably Took A Dive

HA! She Thought…

Sit Down, Karen!

She’s Got A Point!

He Will Be Left On Read

Sam Adams Didn’t Have To Do Him Like That

Oooh Killem! Literally…


LOL! We Don’t Support

Weird Flex MIT, But Okay…

Walmart Claps Back!

Yikes. Still Burns With The Typo

Sad But True

Hit ‘Em With The Facts

He Pulled A Fast One!

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