A 10-year-old boy named Jayden from Louisiana helped his mom deliver his own baby brother at home. He may have even saved her life—and that of his new sibling. Jayden Fontenot is the hero without a costume or cape. Bravery doesn’t always need a mask.

 It all started when Jaden’s mom Ashley Moreau woke up, headed to the bathroom, and unexpectedly went into labor more than a month ahead of her due date on August 11. 

His mom Ashley Moreau was in the bathroom when she went into labor and realized her baby was in the breech position, with his feet presenting first. That’s when Jayden ran next door to his grandma’s house to call 911, and then raced back to the bathroom to help Moreau. 

Unfortunately, Ashley’s fiance had gone to work already.


The only people at home were her kids. An 11-month-old daughter and her 10-year-old son. Ashley told KPRC 2: 

“The scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my life.”

Jayden ran next door to his grandma’s house to call 911. And then raced back to the bathroom to help Ashly Moreau with his unborn brother’s feet in full view. Ashley  Moreau says it didn’t look like her baby was breathing. In fact, the feet were purple. 

Where most people would panic or freak out, Jayden acted on instinct.

The brave lad then took a deep breath. And, asked his mom very calmly what he needed to do.



Jayden wasn’t even close to being scared.


Ashley Moreau told him that they needed to get the baby out as soon as possible. As he was in the breech position and wasn’t breathing. Jayden was not going to lose his baby brother and mom.

Jayden reached down and pulled his new baby brother out by his legs. They kept at it until the baby came out. His brother wasn’t breathing.

 Jayden dashed for the kitchen to get a nasal aspirator to help clear the baby’s airways.

Emergency medical responders finally arrived helping get mom and baby to the hospital. The doctors said that had Jayden not done what he did, his baby brother would have passed away from lack of oxygen, and his mom from bleeding out during delivery.


Ashly and her newborn were already in the hospital when her fiancé, Kelsey Richard, learned the news. He told KPRC 2:

“You don’t hear about stuff like this. It’s amazing how brave and everything he was … calm, collective. He saved their lives, he’s a hero.”



“Angels come in all shapes and sizes that young boy right there is an angel.”




He certainly is a hero.

Jayden displayed exceptional bravery and poise in handling a situation so serious that two lives depended on it. This could be the start of a very promising medical career. Or of a caped crusader.

Jayden has a jaw-dropping story to tell his little brother one day, who will no doubt always look up to him. I mean, he did help deliver him after all.


Watch the video below to see an interview with the grateful parents and the heroic 10-year-old!