The world is almost now surrounded by evidence that vividly shows what social media is doing to us. Digital technologies play a fundamental role in coordinating social media with online communications, information, around the globe. New technology has left us with new habits of checking social media infinite times for no reason at all.

An author, Ben Bajarin says,” Are you multitasking or Are you suffering from digital device distraction syndrome.”

Today the society is following this trend so madly that it is taking away the real fun that we deserve. Instead of meeting our friends and relatives face to face, we prefer it to be socialistic and time-saving.

People feel an urgency to put things on social media to show everyone that they are doing something amazing and funny or whatever. There is a trend now set up to follow this behavior. For example, people click pictures before eating the meal in restaurants, they click while shopping, they click everything while driving. Instead of enjoying those moments and the environment, there is a hypothetical need to post everything on social media. While doing all this, people think that they are being cool. On the other hand, the reality is that they look stupid and senseless.

The idea behind this is to maintain an image of being adventurous, smart, and appropriate. According to a study, not to mention pictures of food, pets, kids, flowers, and sunsets. Their eagerness cross the line so much that some of them look like the people those I have captured. Let’s find out if you find them funny too.

Four phones for one selfie.

selfie with each other

So what, you can’t use the phone inside the classroom.

selfie in class

Best plot to launch yourself. This selfie can be taken once only.

selfie with bull

 Can you be this talented?


Which school is teaching all this stuff?

manipulated selfie

Brooooo! o my god, They took it to another level.

perfect selfie

Yes! Perfection. You don’t need a gym.

tricky selfie

That is an injustice to your body if you make it and don’t click it to social media.

by grandma

It’s your turn now to click all the selfies as I did last weekend for your friends.

group selfie

Super excited to have my meal.

dont know how to take it

I don’t know who clicked me.


The last selfie. You should have run in the first place.

daring selfie

Because no one would believe that we actually ate it.

before we eat it

Skills overloaded. You may expect honor for this.


Hey, cop! say cheese. Selfie first, everything else later maybe in jail.

selfie with a cop

Some basic selfie stunts.enjoying selfie

Ritual to be followed before eating. Clearly they are not hungry for food.

posting food

Goggles may be useful more than that. Spotted

sad selfie

Bro! check out the mirror.

hey stop it

Drinking water with 45 others.

drinking water selfie

That’s candid.

stop it