A Leaked List of Ballon d’Or Top 30 Fits Perfectly With The Official Announcements!


This Tuesday Evening will mark the 2018 Ballon d’Or Ceremony and we have quite an interesting report for you.

The 63rd Ballon d’Or will be held in Paris. However, just a couple of days before a list has been leaked on the social media. This list shows the top 30 shortlisted players in order.

No official verification has come of the list till now, but coincidently, the list is accurate till now.

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Source- Twitter

According to the list Real Madrid’s Isco and Tottenham’s Hugo Lloris shared the bottom two spot. And the official announcement confirms it. The 28th position, as per the official announcement is clinchedby Diego Godin, which matches his position on the list.

The list also said that Maro Mandzukic, Jan Oblak and Alisson shares the 25th spot, and this information too is confirmed by the officials.

And if the list is right, then we should congratulate Croatia and Real Madrid’s star Luka Modric.

Source- 101 Great Goals

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