What impact does Quebec City have with the end of NHL ‘s expansion era in Seattle


Quebec City The exterior of the Videotron center is quiet peculiar in nature this is why it is also commonly known as the name of “ The Cake “. The reason being the layer of white metal surrounds it this almost seems like frosting.

The NHL game was once hosted in one night’s of September. The reason being they had always intended to do that. The teams of Montreal Canadians and Washington capitals had once played a pre season exhibition match. This reminds the locals the team they have along with that the new team that is yet to come.

As per the report from a reliable source when the captain Of the Capital’s Team was asked that whether he would like to see the NHL team here. Then in the reply he said that “Why Not” It is a Hockey town. He would rather like to see more games of hockey here. He had also added in his statement that there is lots of history in the town and the people will miss the action if the NHL is not played here.

Just three hours before the Puck Drop Quebecor CEO had took a short flight from Quebec City to Montreal on a private jet. He was in the mood to sell the Quebec City just like a hockey market person.

The reason being the NHL has tumbled down the offer for the priority list of expansion. Even though the media conglomerate are the willing owners of this of the most hockey mad regions of the world.

As per the report two years ago the media conglomerate has submitted an application for expansion in the Time of Las Vegas. The ultimate decision was the relocation or change of franchise as only 32 teams will be selected for the game. This tracks out Quebec City from the list of nominations.

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