The Era of NHL expansion may be ending in SEATLE. What does this actually mean for Quebec City

Fans gesture during the "Blue March," asking for the return of an NHL hockey team and a new arena, Saturday, Oct. 2, 2010, in Quebec City. The Nordiques left town 15 years ago. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Jacques Boissinot)

QUEBEC CITY   The exterior of the Videotron centre is quite peculiar which was also known by another nickname commonly known as “The Cake “ the reason being the layers of white metal are being surrounded alongside it which appears to be frosting in the eyes of the viewers. Just for one single night in the month of September it had hosted the NHL game. For which it has always intended to. For the first time the teams of Washington Capitals and Montreal Canadians had played the preseason exhibition match reminding the locals that the team they used to have possessed also locals and also they hope that still more will come.

When the captain Alex Ovechkin was interviewed then he asked that whether he would like to see a NHL team here than in his reply he told that in his statement he had clearly stated that he knew it’s a hockey town and people would like to see more Hockey games here.

But, now here comes the paradox as the CEO of Quebecor Pierre Karl Peladeau took a short flight from Montreal to Quebec City on a private jet. He just wanted to sell the Quebec City as a hockey market and perhaps the media even with a arena ready with the media conglomerate a media owner with the most hockey mad regions of the world. Qubec city has stumbled down in NHL’s priority list for expansion.  

Two years ago Quebec city had submitted the application for expansion. At the same time in Las Vegas. Thus they have deferred the Quebec City’s bid and then Vegas golden knights had advanced to the Stanley cup finals on their inaugural season. The league is on its way to expand its operation with the Seattle. With the new Franchise expected to formally approve the reason.

Thus the entire scenario is in doldrums.

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