The browns are again undefeated in this season when an opossum is being spotted in the stadium


Since three seasons ago for the first time Cleveland browns won their second game. For that they must thank their little furry friend.

Like the opossum the teams of Browns were suddenly playing dead at their own home and getting killed on the same road. It has been complete the opposite when they have started the season. The thing that was dubbed the Rally of opossum was spotted prior to the browns games against the Raven on Sunday.

A lot of people were dumbstruck when another opossum took place in the stadium. The animals were roaming in the stadium until it was snatched by the energy browns. Browns fans stuffed the possum in the cardboard box.


Lots of people among them credited the possum that was caught and sighted during the Cleveland victory in the Browns Vs NewYork jets game.

The situation was chaotic and the entire mob became furious. So, the match became memorable in the minds of million fans in the stadium. These video was captured and viewed by millions of fans.  Thus you can get the full enjoyment of the match as well as the entire event that took place on the stadium.

In totality the match was quite exciting and this small but big event made the match much more enjoyable to the fans as ever before.

The scenario was such you need to wait and watch the entire event with lots of fun and joviality. But the most important thing is that fans can get the idea that how the match will become memorable due to this small incident. Just you need to make sure that you are in the stadium at this point in time when the match was at its peak and this possum has appeared.

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