Sudden Death of CJ Fuller at the age of 22 suspected due to Seizure


At 11:01 am After the RB collapsed to the ground Fullers brother gave a call to him and suspected that they might have a seizure. The caller had suspected that fuller may have been passed out

Though it was not clear to many people that whether he was conscious at that point in time or not.

Following the instruction of the operator CJ’s brother and other family members desperately tried to help Fuller. They have also desperately begged for the ambulance to send over quickly.

At 8:20 am From a reliable source who is considered as extremely tells us that a Football star that is very much close to Fuller had gone for physical therapy to cure his knee before some moment before his death. This makes a clear statement that something had gone wrong. This made a clear statement that something had gone wrong.

We are told that Fuller tore his ACL playing in a flag of Football playing in a flag of football game roughly it counts on 2 weeks ago to repair the injury at the end of September and has completed in full session without any issue.

When he had arrived back to home we are being informed that he had went to the ground and it clearly went to the ground and asked for water which shows clearly that something had went wrong. There by rumblings Fullers death something had went wrong and it needs a concern.

At 7:58    We had spoken to the Pickens County coroner who had clearly told that death investigation is underway. It needs the attention. She notes death is underway but she points out that nothing is suspicious.

As per the last report CJ Fuller was one of the key players Clemson’s 2016 National championship team was no more.

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