Conor Mc Gregor was cracked hard in the face of Octagon brawl


In this video it is clearly displayed that how Conor Mc Gregor was hit hard from behind by Zubaira Tukughov from behind. Before this he was socking hard in the face of the Octagon brawl at UFC 229. The sudden attack of this player smashed the face of Conor Mc Gregor. When invading the cage Zubaira hit on the face of Conor then it was hit quite hard.

In a report it was clearly stated that Zubaira Tukhugov was actually a pro MMA fighter. He was also the member of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s team.

On October 27 Zubaira’s match was scheduled with Conor’s teammate Artem Lobov.

In a current footage you can clearly see that how Conor was attacked from behind by this guy Zubaira. He had connected the sucker punch in the head of Connor to break him down.

After that he had pivots and cracks from the front which was landed as a bare fisted blow in his head. Then after few moments the security personnel arrived to stop the rage between the two men.  Then after few moments the security personnel arrived to stop the rage between the two men.

Before Tukhugov attack another person from khabib’s camp Conor too had tried a sucker punch on Tukhogov.

As per the report of Dana White three men were arrested in this incident from the khabib’s camp. This whole incident shocked the entire fan following of Conor.

Ultimately the entire situation was handled by the support staff and the security to the best of their ability. But the matter of fact here is this incident took every one in surprise. Thus the entire incident took a racked shape as the star got hurt badly.

This was the entire scenario which was witnessed by millions of fans who were present there.

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